The Australian Deans of Built Environment & Design is the peak body in the tertiary education sector in the fields of architecture, design and the built environment. As both a representative and advocacy body, ADBED seeks to elevate the important role that Universities play in the design and making of our cities through research, teaching and practice.

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Living locally and the rise of the 20-minute neighbourhood

Imagine being able to carry out your daily activities within a 20-minute walk from home. All the things you need in a day would be just a short walk away. In planning circles, it’s a concept known as the 20-minute neighbourhood, and it could be on the cards for your...
Five ways we can reimagine our streets for our health

Five ways we can reimagine our streets for our health

As families embrace the joys of walking and cycling in their neighbourhoods, how can we use the shake-up from coronavirus as an opportunity to keep this going for our own and our children’s health? Coronavirus restrictions have allowed many of us to connect more with our local neighbourhoods, while less traffic has also made family...

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Why COVID-19 might not change our cities as much as we expect

What will be the normal way of urban living when the COVID-19 crisis passes? What aspects will remain with us and what will disappear? The...

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